Kitchen Bench Seat Project Pt. 2

It would seem that I only thought I was near completion on our kitchen bench seats. After a couple of quick coats of stain and poly, it was time to skin […]

Farmhouse Table Build Pt. 2

After a busy week I eagerly tackled our new farmhouse table and wrapped it up in hurry. With everything cut, glued, sanded, and routed the last bit is to stain […]

Farmhouse Table Build Pt. 1

So, what good are new bench seats if you don’t have a new table to go with them?  So with that in mind, I set out to build a new […]

Kitchen Bench Seat Project Pt. 1

While Amanda was away on a ladies weekend I thought it would be a good idea to try and accomplish 5 projects in a single weekend.  This is one of them. […]

Brian’s New Desk!

While moving, it was decided that my old desk wouldn’t work in the new office.  Darn! Guess I’ll just have to make a new one!  To keep it budget friendly […]

New Child Bed and Room!

The first project to get a big girl room underway was her brand new child bed.  This was a pretty quick and dirty project made with two 4×4 posts, some bead […]